Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just So Tired

I have been dealing with a crabby teething boy lately, well, for the past 4 months, but it's getting worse. There are rare moments when he is happy and plays by himself (like now), but they usually don't last long. Dishes are never done, laundry is piling up to the ceiling, there are crumbs on the floor, and toys are everywhere. But the more I try to get things cleaned up, the more Isaac protests and cries, or rather screams.

So I've stopped fighting it, my apartment can be dirty all it wants, I don't really care. I'm not a supermom, I'm just me. A mom of two trying to survive on 5-6 hours of sleep (if I'm lucky), because my boy likes to wake me up 3 or more times a night to nurse.

 Sometimes he will fall back to sleep but most times does not (trust me, I don't rush to get him), and I'm frustrated because it seems all the women I know personally who have had babies around the same time as me all say that their babies are sleeping through the night, but mine isn't. I would be okay if he only woke up once or even twice a night to feed, but any more than that I feel like a walking zombie, I need my sleep!

Am I doing something wrong? Probably, but what it is I don't know. I would try and let him really fuss it out sometimes, but he sleeps in the same room as we do, so he wakes me up and I figure, might as well nurse because it will help keep my pathetic nursing supply up.

I'm just so tired people.


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  1. You poor thing! You are in the worst phase of mothering. I promise it gets lots better. Having two kids was extremely difficult for me. I thought I was losing my mind most days and cried all the time. It was exhausting and depressing and the babies were extremely demanding. It does not get worse than this. I promise. It only gets better.

    P.S. Say Hi to Mary for me. I think about her all the time but she is not on Facebook so I never talk to her. Tell her she needs to get on Facebook and she needs a blog:-)

  2. Oh not fun! I hope he gets through this stage soon so you can get some much needed Z's. Take care~

  3. I do not miss that part of motherhood, girl! Praying things ease up for you very soon.