Friday, July 08, 2011

More Fireworks

My Lucy was so excited on Monday to go see the fireworks again, Daddy was even coming this time, and she's even wearing her cool sparkly fireworks shirt her Grammy gave her.  I actually got her to sit still by putting on PBS, it's a pretty great trick.


Look at all the colors!

I thought this one looked cool in black and white.  

Also linking up with lil' miss imperfect:  fireworks 

I like the little beady light sparkles I was able to capture, and how the sky looks red at the bottom too, kinda creepy.

Love the bright purple tones in the shot.
I have to say that taking photographs of fireworks is, as my daughter would say, "easy peazy pie."  All you need is a tripod, steady hand, low iso, small aperture, and longer exposures depending on how many fireworks you want to capture.  Sometimes I had my exposure set to 15-20 seconds to capture about 4 fireworks at a time like the first 2 firework shots.  Or sometimes I set it to about 5 second exposure to capture just one, like the red and purple ones.

Taking shots of fireworks is definitely easier than taking photos of 2 year-olds.  Trust me, I might have a little experience in that department.

and then, she {snapped} Favorite Fridays at Skinned Knees Photobucket


  1. You really did a fantastic job with those fireworks! I didn't even think of going that long..... next year!!!! ;D

  2. I wouldn't think that was easy, and you did one incredible job.

    Your daughter is precious!

    Hope you have a great day!!

  3. YOu did an incredible job - I really love the BW version.

  4. I love these! That ink one with the beady looking light is so pretty.

  5. The firework shots are all great . . . I would have never thought to do a black and white fireworks shot, but it looks great!

  6. As always, great pictures!! The firworks are wonderful, I also love the pictures of Lucy!!! She seems to be growing and changing in just the few weeks I've been following you!!! How do they do that!! Take care!!

  7. Beautiful fireworks photos! I love the black and white one.
    Thanks for linking up.

  8. These are great! My fireworks photos didn't turn out so great this year. Too many trees in the way. Hoping for another chance some night after the local baseball games.

  9. Wonderful fireworks pictures! And thanks for the hints for getting them right; I'll try it the next time there's an opportunity.

  10. These are fantastic shots!! I love that it was easy for you because I have never tried it so now I won't be greaking out if I ever get the opportunity! hehe Great job!

  11. You are absolutely right: Fireworks are much easier than little kids! That cracked me up b/c it's SO true. Unfortunately my local fireworks happened to be cancelled this year, which is really hard to photograph ;)

  12. Your daughter is adorable! And the BW fireworks shot is amazing! Lately I've really been getting into BW.

  13. Your fireworks shots turned out great!

  14. I love the perspective of those first two shots!!! And your! ...especially the b&w one!

  15. Gorgeous photos and you did such an amazing job! I missed out on fireworks this year but you have inspired me to try next year!

  16. Your daughter's pics are way cuter than fireworks, but great pics!

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  17. great firework photos! Love the clarity!

  18. Beautiful firework pictures! You did a great job!

  19. I love the color and the movement! Great shot and thanks for linking up!