Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still Alive

Still alive over here, even though sometimes I don't feel like it.  Eleven weeks preggo and counting.  This morning sickness (or rather afternoon/evening sickness) is really kicking my butt.  I think it's going down some though.

I recently caught a cold, totally sucks, but the good news is the stuffed-up nose and congestion prevents me from smelling all those nasty smells somewhat so my nausea isn't quite so bad right now.  I don't think I could handle really bad cold and nausea at the same time.

Had my first doctor's appointment last week (finally) and they were able to pick up the baby's heartbeat, so that made me feel happy.  Lucy had a puzzled look on her face when she heard it and asked if  "baby coming out?"  That was pretty funny, it's really cool seeing how Lucy is reacting to my pregnancy. 

I have a dating ultrasound scheduled for this week, so that will be nice to see the baby.  Lucy keeps saying there are two babies in my tummy (don't know where she got that from), so I guess we'll see.   And she says that I'm having a boy too, but we're aren't going to find that out till D-Day, because I want that big moment of "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!"  I also figured that I told my husband that we're pregnant so I want him to be able to tell me the sex of our baby. 

Until next time. 



  1. CONGRATS!! I am so sorry for your first trimester sickness. Honestly, my first pregnancy was so rough as was the depression I got dealt that I am nervous about my second pregnancy when that time comes! Hope you get much needed relief soon!! Love the pictures and hearing about your little ones curiosity about the baby..gets me excited for my D to have a sibling!

  2. how exciting!! Can't wait to read future baby posts! Gorgeous picture!

  3. hope you feel better! adorable pic of Lucy!

  4. So sorry! Hang in there! I remember all too weel how sucky it is in the first trimester!

    But I'm sure you remember that it's all worth it as soon as the baby starts kicking :)

    Keep us updated.

  5. Hope you start feeling better soon! That's so exciting to hear the heartbeat!

  6. When do you think the due date might be? I hope it certainly gets easier but just a few more weeks of yuckiness is ahead of you for sure. I've always wanted to wait until delivery day to find out the gender but I haven't the patience! I'm keeping you in my prayers and look forward to future blogs about the baby and some Autumn shots (when you get the energy back). : )


  7. Oh my goodness. How did I miss this? I am not getting you in my reader. I have to add you back. Sorry. :(

  8. congratulations, such an exciting time

  9. Congratulations!!! :) Love the new banner too. :)