Monday, November 12, 2012

We've Been Sick

I've been a little MIA recently, me and the littles have been fighting bad colds and croup.  This past week can be summed up in cough, mucus, snot everywhere, little sleep, sore throats (which I really hate) and a few nights of croup, which is pretty scary if you've never experienced it before, which I hadn't until now.  Watching your babies struggle to breathe while sitting in a steamed up bathroom late at night makes a mama feel pretty helpless.  

Thankfully, I think the worst is behind us, but we still have some pretty bad coughs.  The poor babe is still on the mend, nursing with a stuffed up nose and mucus is pretty rough.

DSC_0015re (825x550)
Look at those big beautiful eyes, gorgeous.  This photo is before the snot attack.  I could post a photo of the snot face, and I just might later, but haven't really had time to pick up the camera.

DSC_0344re (533x800)
My girl helping me make bread.  Yes, we've been making bread around here, well, had been, until the flu bug hit.  Isn't she just adorable.

DSC_0301re (825x550)
The new teeth, Isaac's been pretty stubborn about showing them off.  

DSC_0571re (825x550)
Tea with honey, a must for me right now.  I still have my morning joe, but then transition to tea later in the day.

Now to catch up on housework, emails, and my photography, busy week!


  1. love the flour on lucy's nose. so cute. and i can some baby teeth. it's so cute!!

  2. What cute kiddos! Sorry to hear about the sickness! That's no fun!

  3. Sorry to hear you've been sick and just an FYI everything that I read actually suggested COLD air for croup. My stepdaughter had it.

  4. So cute! Hope everyone is feeling better and stays healthy!