Saturday, May 11, 2013

A New Normal

It has taken awhile for me to get used to living here at the farm since we moved about a year ago. I was adjusting to life with a new baby boy (who didn't like to sleep) so my life was turned upside down even that much more.

 Now we have a new rhythm, Isaac is pretty much sleeping through the night, and weaned for the most part (breastfeeding was insanely stressful, especially when you are not blessed with a fabulous milk production), and life feels like it is back to normal.  Or a new normal anyway, a better normal.

It truly is pretty out here in the country.

DSC_0009re (800x533)
DSC_0041re2 (800x533)
DSC_0053re (800x531)
DSC_0056re (800x531)
DSC_0060re (800x531)

 Happy Mother's Day, we are going out for ice cream at Culver's, my favorite.  Love spending time with my little family.  And my daughter is probably going to pick even more of these dandelions, she thinks they are amazing and loves giving them to me, the look on her face when she does melts my heart.

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition


  1. I miss the country so much.
    Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Anne!

    I think the kids will look back on being raised on a farm and love it! It's a joy and like a playland for them! :)

    Have a great, great day!!

  3. I have not been here for a while -- a lot has changed! Your photography is still beautiful. Enjoy the farm life.... so many things to photograph :) Happy Mothers Day!

  4. Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to live on a farm, but we visit one of the locals farms (its much less work! lol) Happy Mothers Day!

  5. Beautiful photos!! Your daughter's so sweet. Love the photo with the dandelions. Glad to hear your settling in.

  6. Happy Mother's Day. I hope you had a great one.

  7. Beautiful photos! Moving is tough, but I'm happy to hear that you're finding your rhythm.

    Thanks so much for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge :)