Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorites From Spring

So happy spring finally arrived! Here are some of my personal favorite photos I have taken so far this spring. It started out pretty cold but now everything is green and beautiful.

DSC_0650re (800x533)
DSC_0677re (800x531)
DSC_0921re (800x533)
DSC_0888re (800x533)
DSC_0941re (800x533)
DSC_0996re (800x531)
IHF:  Play
DSC_0041re2 (800x533)
DSC_0060re (800x531)

Now for the warm summer days, I am so excited!

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition


  1. Yeah for spring! Love the second to the last image, I don't remember seeing it before. And of course "the finger" picture always cracks me up. :-)

  2. Hey there! Just had to shout out to a fellow Wisconsinite & tell you that your pictures are fabulous :)

  3. Beautiful and magical images of Spring! The children are lucky to have such a beautiful play to roam. Happy Friday, & have a marvelous weekend!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful!

    Marla @