Monday, February 13, 2012

I Heart Faces: Hearts


The other day I was trying to figure out something fun to do with my kid.  Since we are broke and have no extra money for valentine decorations, I thought of cutting out little hearts with construction paper (that's about as crafty as I get), and then letting my daughter Lucy color them in and stick them on the wall by herself.  

She is so proud of her "heartbeats" (which is what she calls hearts).  


  1. OH MY GOSH! yay! ive been trying to read your blog for MONTHS now and ever time i click on it it say yous site is dangerous for viruses and wont let me go to it!
    And i never knew how else to get a hold of you!

    Look at your cute girl and your cute belly!! ahhhh.. ive been away for WAY too long

  2. heartbeats, that is just too cute! i get to inspired to get crafty, but a long day of work makes me lazy when i get home unless i have to do it... i like paper crafts, they can be so simple, but so nice!

    this year i decided i didn't want to do anything fancy as we usually do for our anniversary & bdays already... we are going to be saving 75% of our original meal tmrw!!! can't wait! hope you and the hubs + Lucy have a great day tmrw! <3

  3. Aww! Great shot!

    Ruthie from

  4. sooo cute! great idea just cutting out hearts, it adds a lot to the photo!

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