Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday, Laundry, Weather Funk

DSC_0541re (800x531)
Whew, I have been so busy lately.  We all went up to visit my parents' house last weekend to celebrate Isaac turning the big one.  It was real nice and relaxing, the kids had fun, and got just a little bit spoiled.

I went all out for Isaac's birthday (NOT).  I made chocolate cupcakes and...that was it.  Hey, he's one, he doesn't care.  As long as there's food, he loves food.

DSC_0549re (800x533)
DSC_0559re (800x531)

I'm also in the process of pulling out and washing the bigger size hand-me-down clothes for the kids (they both went through a little growth spurt) as well as clothes for summer, like the kids really need them right now.  The temperature won't even get out of the 30s.

Isaac has been pretty crabby lately, he popped a new tooth (7 teeth already) and has gotten another cold, shocker.  We are also working on seriously weaning, I don't think we are quite ready to give it up all together, so we'll just see how long the milk lasts.

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DSC_0593re (800x533)
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Good news is that now I think we officially have a walker!  He's been taking steps here and there but now I think he's finally ready, he was just cruisin' around tonight.  I'm loving the new independence but still a little sad at the same time, I think you mamas out there know the feeling.

So how has everyone been doing? This weather is really getting me down, am I the only one still in a little weather funk?

I'm also seriously thinking about changing the name of my blog, I'm just not feeling it anymore. What do you think?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Isaac!!
    I feel like we are in a state of perpetual teething. One big, never-ending cycle of teeth. I'm over it.
    Woohoo for walking! I love that Little Man can get around on his own, but that means little to no snuggles with Mommy anymore. :(

    1. That's okay, he has never been a snuggler, too active and squirmy.

  2. Yum!!! Cake is always good, and it looks like he loved it! What are you thinking about changing your blog name to?

    1. I was thinking about just calling it Anne U? Clean, simple, me. I don't know.

  3. Such adorable shots! First birthday's are always the best! Poor thing cutting teeth and all. Isn't it amazing when they take their first steps?! That was such a great and HUGE milestone :o)