Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

It has finally reached below 0 temps outside here in Wisconsin, so happy that I don't have to venture out.  

(Note:  these photos were taken on a walk before the big freeze hit)

DSC_0273re (800x533)
DSC_0276re (800x533)
DSC_0271re (800x533)
DSC_0277re (800x529)

I let Lucy play with the camera and she got some pretty good shots for a 4 year-old.
DSC_0279re (800x531)
DSC_0278re (800x413)


DSC_0286re (800x533)
Isaac is working on another couple teeth, so the baby drool has been flying like crazy around here.

DSC_0284re (800x533)
He's still pretty cute though.

I'm really liking his haircut now, it has grown a tiny bit and looks much better (to me anyway).  

It's my husband Chuck's birthday tomorrow, Jan. 22nd.  Happy birthday, and even though I know you don't read my blog, I still love you.


  1. The cold is awful here in mn too! Hopefully it won't be quite so cold soon!

  2. It got down to the 10s here brrrrr makes me half glad I have the stomach bug and confided to the inside.