Thursday, January 03, 2013

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections

So much fun to look back on year 2012, things have changed a lot!

1. Me!
DSC_0798re (640x640)

2. I Love You
DSC_0543re (800x533)
My little family, love!

3. Still Laughing…
DSC_0846re (800x533)
One of the outtakes from the Christmas card, I crack myself up.

4. Winter Wonderland
DSC_0156re (825x550)
Throwing snowballs at daddy, love that the snowflakes are in focus.

5. Birthday
DSC_0452re (825x550)
Just moments after my little Isaac was born, wonderful day (well, after the whole labor thing).

6. Friends
DSC_0050re (533x800)
This year I had the pleasure of photographing my friends with their sweet baby girl, so much fun.

7. I Was Inspired
This little man has inspired me so much.  And yes, he still loves to stick that tongue out.

8. Spring Fever
DSC_0106 (573x800)
Since Isaac was born in the spring, I was a little busy being a new mama to take photos of flowers and things.  
So this is my spring fever... my boys, love em!

9. Travel or Vacation
DSC_0162 (825x550)
We moved or "traveled" to the farm this summer.  Cows everywhere.

10. Summer Days
DSC_0531re (825x548)
Fourth of July photo, no fireworks because of the drought.

11. A Day In My Life
DSC_0114re (550x825)
Messy house, Lucy wearing mismatched clothes, Isaac in his bouncer...yup, a day in my life.

12. All Smiles
DSC_0656re (825x550)
All smiles after naptime.

13. Autumn Harvest
DSC_0203re (825x550)

14. Family or Home.
DSC_0735re (825x550)

15. Celebrate!
DSC_0554re (800x534)
My Lucy's 4th birthday!

16. Let’s Do It Again…
DSC_0046re (550x825)
Lucy really wants to ride a horse again, such a brave girl.

17. I Miss You
My little so little.

18. Beautiful
DSC_0421re (825x550)
Sunset at the farm.

19. Dress Up
DSC_0526re (825x550)
Lucy as a puppy and Isaac as a Green Bay Packer football player for halloween.

20. Macro
Still love those lips!

21. Holidays
DSC_0208re (825x550)

22. My Favorite
DSC_0020re (825x550)
My favorite image right now.

23. Don’t Ever Change
DSC_1222re (825x550)
Don't lose those chubby cheeks.

24. Just Because…So There!
DSC_0596re (533x800)
DSC_0441re (825x550)
DSC_0953re copyres
DSC_0231re (533x800)
DSC_0950re (825x550)
DSC_0169re (640x640)
DSC_0145re (399x600)
DSC_0270re (825x550)

25. Hopes and Dreams
DSC_0348re (825x548)
Wow, just taking it a day at a time.

 I guess I really hope that I can get my photography business off the ground this year, maybe second shoot a wedding? 

But really, as long as I can keep my littles alive, then this year will have been a success!


  1. Loved looking back on your year. Since I've been out of the loop for the past year, I'm loving that so many of my photog buddies are doing this. Gives me a chance to catch up all at once.

  2. Your photos are seriously so amazing. Each is so beautiful and truly captures the moment.
    Happy 2013!

  3. Great choices! You look so cute in your self portrait shot! And I love your "summer days" and "favorite" shots! Lucy is getting so big!

  4. #3 is GREAT! made me laugh out loud!! thanks for sharing your precious moments! love them all.