Sunday, March 06, 2011


Oh boy, I've been working out almost everyday, and guess what...I gained a pound. WHAT?????  Yep, guess I wasn't cutting back on as many calories as I thought.  Oh well, try harder next week.

Height and Weight:  5'6 and 135.4 lb. (-2 lbs)

Fitness Challenge for the Week:  Workout everyday 30-60 min.

Health Challenge for the Week:  No sweets or soda, more veggies and fruit, more water.

How well did it go:  I thought I did good but guess I could have tried harder.

Failures and Slip-ups:  Food part not good, ate a little more than I should have a few times.

Weekly Challenge Wisdom and Advice:  Cheese is not your friend...about 110 cal. for 1/4 cup...had no idea.

Self Portrait:  Idea

This was taken awhile ago but I had the idea that I was really cool and confident enough to wear red lipstick, still working on that.


(Please ignore the manly eyebrows, I needed a wax bad!)


  1. oooh no - cheese!!!!
    This is distressing news...

  2. Great photo. Keep it up. Maybe you just gained muscle.

  3. yes I was so sad about the cheese thing too :[

    Woman, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photo!!!! totally cute!

    I had a horrible week with food. I over ate like 3 times and I just felt horrible and I had more than one glass of coke. I was so bummed. But it's a new week thankfully!

  4. It's so sad about cheese, isn't it!?

    LOVE that selfie!

  5. Keep it up. It will definitely be worth it in the end.

  6. You look good with red lipstick! Very 1950s. Also...with the exercise, it could be a pound of muscle. As long as your pants fit great then no worries.

  7. Your photo is so pretty! And don't forget building muscle can make the scale an inaccurate indicator! Keep up the great work!

  8. Great selfie, I'm understand about the cheese, I had to go off dairy after my daughter was born cause she was allergic and it came through my milk, made loosing the baby weight a breeze since it's where I was getting most of my calories, Keep up the good work!

  9. Yup, cheese is soooooo bad when it comes to calories. When I was losing weight, cheese was off limits.
    Yay to more fruits nad veggies and more weight loss!
    Your selfie is gorgeous, girl!