Friday, April 29, 2011

Momma in Focus and Family Photo

Here are some photos I took on Easter of me and my girl, she insisted I get in the shot too!  Not the best quality because of the light, but I like them just the same.
Look at the chocolate on her face from some Easter candy, whoops.

This one you've seen before, but it's my favorite.  We were standing by the open door, hello pretty light.

And this is the family photo taken by my sister's brother-in-law.  This was the best one out of all of them if you can believe it.  There's me on the left (stand up straight girl!), my husband and Lucy, my seven brothers and sisters, my sister's husband and her four girls, and of course, my mom and dad.  We haven't all been together since I think two Thanksgivings ago, and our family has expanded a little since then.  So glad I brought my trusty ol' camera.

One Day At A Time


  1. I love the soft ethereal feel of your first shot. SO beautiful and warm. You two together are so charming! And how awesome that so much family got together!! I miss my family terribly. Glad you had a wonderful Easter and happy Friday to you friend!! xo

  2. Lovely!! I love the whole family one - nice to have.

  3. YOu look great - and I have to constantly remind myself to stand up straight!

  4. What a great family shot! SEVEN brothers and Sisters? WOW!