Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mama's Day and more Spring Shots

For Mother's Day we spent the afternoon with my sister and her family at a small lake, it was awesome.  The day was nice and I even got a chance to play with my camera, always a lot of fun for me.

I was trying to practice on Lucy, but she was having none of it.  She's been a real stinker lately, so I took some shots of my cute niece instead.




Here is my sister, she is a fabulous mama to four girls and a constant inspiration to me.

We all went for a hike up the hill.

DSC_0420 DSC_0438re
At the top there was a quaint little chapel built in honor of the Blessed Mother, very small but beautiful.

Some flower shots that I've been waiting forever to take.  I know the daffodils are overexposed, but I kinda like it that way!


And finally, my Mother's Day present.  I told the hubs that all I wanted was a family picture of the three of us.  My brother took the shot, but I picked the spot, made sure the sun was behind us, and adjusted the settings for him, so I sort of feel like I took the photo too.  All in all, a great day.

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  1. Nice pics. What a cute family you have!

  2. Looks like you got some great shots and I love the family photo. Frame worthy!

  3. Great pictures!! The family shot is by far my favorite. Your brother did great : ) WIth your help (of course)

  4. Great photos! What a great gift, a fun day and a beautiful family picture! Sounds perfect!

  5. It looks like you had a lovely mother's day!

  6. What a beautiful family portrait! Your mother's day sounds like the perfect day! These photos are all so fabulous. You are very talented! The diptych with the branch in the foreground is really neat.

  7. Looks like a wonderful Mother's Day! Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love the flowers and the chapel. Such beautiful pictures, you are truly talented!

  9. Well you and your brother managed between you to take a wonderful photo, that last shot is lovely. Glad you had such a very nice Mother's Day.

  10. The shot of your sister is so classic.

  11. That family shot? IS AMAZING!

  12. Thanks for the nice comments, gosh it was so hard to get husband and my girl to cooperate for the family photo, you'd think it was pure torture!

  13. I love the crossed arms photo. too cute. Little kids can never seem to cross their arms so that it looks comfortable. :)

  14. great shots! I love her little 'tude, and the family photo!

  15. Wonderful photos.

  16. BEAUTIFUL family photo! Both the color and the B&W!

  17. That is how I get my family shots, I compose it, set the settings, pick the spot and have someone capture exactly what I want so I give myself like 95% credit for the shot;0 hehe. Those are BEAUTFIUL family pictures!!! love them. Love all of these. You really have a great eye and great exposures!

  18. Looks like a lovely mother's day. And I adore the family shot--very cute!

  19. Looks like you all had fun, even with a little stinker! Cute photos of your day... almost like I was visiting there with you!

    I agree -- love your daffodil shot just the way it is! :)

    And that's an adorable family portrait, no matter who clicked the shutter! Great job at getting it all set up -- and kudos to your brother for taking it! But even bigger kudos to your hubby for giving you what you wanted! That's a beautiful family portrait and I hope you're getting it printed and hung up!