Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Naptime

What is it about a sleeping baby that is just so precious.
DSC_0674re2 (825x550)
DSC_0673re (825x550)
Isaac has to grab on to the bumper pad or crib rail and suck his thumb when he soothes himself to sleep.  Thankfully, he doesn't suck his thumb all that much, I don't think he'll be big thumb sucker when he gets older, unlike his sister.  But she's getting better and doesn't do it too much anymore.  And giving Isaac a pacifier when he goes to bed is not an option, he shoves the whole thing in mouth.  Sure knows how to scare his mama, silly boy.

This is what he does when he wakes up now, faces the door, sits up, and cries until I come in to get him.  Loving the bed head, this little man is going to need a haircut soon.
DSC_0648re (533x800)
DSC_0650re (825x550)
DSC_0656re (825x550)
  "Come pick me up now mama, I'm done napping!"

DSC_0664re (825x550)
DSC_0668re (825x550)
Sibling love

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Barn Kitten

Before we had gotten "deathly sick", Lucy and I went over to the barn to give a kitty a little warmed milk. This poor kitty was abandoned by his (or her) mother and the boys were letting him stay in the barn for awhile to regain his strength and keep him out of the cold.

DSC_0603re (825x550)
DSC_0609re (825x550)
DSC_0614re (533x800)
DSC_0626re (825x550)

The kitty couldn't stay in the barn forever, or he would have gotten trampled on by busy farmers or eaten by the farm dog Bruce (dumb dog), so he is now staying with cousins. Lucy hasn't quite figured this out yet, she just loves kittens. But as people who know how farms work, there are always too many barn kittens, so I'm sure another litter will pop up soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My First GIVEAWAY and Fisher-Price Sweepstakes

Fisher-Price just launched a new site today called Moments of Joy where you can upload photos, videos, or stories of the sweet candid moments in your life and they asked me to try it out. I just love a new place where I can share with everyone my sweet everyday moments with my kids, and it was a lot of fun uploading the photos and seeing them up on the site.  

Here are some of the photos I shared on the Moments of Joy site:

DSC_0046re (550x825)
DSC_0411re (825x550)
DSC_0356re (531x800)
DSC_0017re (825x550)
DSC_0304re (825x548)
DSC_0397re (531x800)
DSC_0353re (825x550)

I also browsed the rest of the Fisher-Price site and I think my favorite feature is looking for toys or gear according to age, really helpful, especially for the first-time mamas or if you are looking for just the right gift for the special little someone/someones in your life.

To kick off the launch of the new Moments of Joy site, Fisher-Price is hosting a special sweepstakes.  Starting from today November 27th until December 20th, the sweepstakes will include five weekly winners selected at random to receive a $100 gift card each, and one grand prize winner selected at random to win up to $1,000 of Fisher-Price toys!   Anyone that shares a photo or video on the site is automatically entered to win.   You can share any moments featuring Fisher-Price products or just a sweet candid one, like my daughter's first time riding a horse.  To be eligible, you must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the U.S. or the District of Columbia. You can review the official rules for the sweepstakes and learn the other requirements for entry by visiting here.

Also, Fisher Price is allowing me to give away a $100 gift card to one of my readers!  The giveaway will be from November 27th through December 4th. (you must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the U.S. or the District of Columbia).   
Mandatory entry:  Head over to the new Moments of Joy site and upload at least one moment. Then explore and browse the rest of the Fisher Price site and head back here and let me know you did in the comments below, and be sure to leave links in your comments so I can check out the moments you uploaded.
Update:  People are telling me there's something wrong with the links, so just telling me about your moment in comments is fine. 
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I have received compensation from Fisher-Price for this post but the opinions concerning the Moments of Joy and Fisher-Price site are mine.

Feeling Better

Yay, we're finally feeling better! We all caught the flu virus, Lucy and I were pretty sick all last week and Isaac the week before that. Big thanks to my younger sister for staying for a few days to help out, I don't know what I would have done, it was a really bad flu bug.

That of course meant no Thanksgiving for us, which was sad, and Lucy was really looking forward to it this year. Now my husband is working on getting better, shouldn't be too much longer. This month has just been awful with sickness, two bad colds, croup, and then the flu. Please no more!

DSC_0633re (825x550)

DSC_0640re (825x550)
Look how big those teeth are now. We also have a new tooth on top, and working on the other one. Surprisingly, this tooth didn't cause as much hair pulling as the bottom teeth, but the fussiness was probably mixed in with his sickness, so maybe I take that back.

Isaac is also crawling now, pulling himself up, clapping, and loves eating finger foods like bananas, crackers, and cheerios. Such a big boy now, and not even 8 months old yet.  This just seems too advanced for me, he is just so different from Lucy.

DSC_0644re (825x550)
Love my sweeties, so glad things are starting to get back to normal around here.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Session

This month has been so busy, my little family has been sick for most of it.  But I finally managed to finish editing the family session from last month.  

My friends had a baby about 2 weeks before we had Isaac, so their baby girl is about the same age, which is pretty cool.  Such a beautiful family, it was pretty easy making them look good, and lots of fun.   Enjoy!

DSC_0048re (825x550)
DSC_0050re (533x800)
DSC_0089re (825x519)
DSC_0092re (825x550)
DSC_0096re (825x550)
DSC_0116re (825x550)
DSC_0126re (825x550)
DSC_0102re (825x550)
leaf fascination
DSC_0138re (825x550)
DSC_0153re (533x800)
DSC_0170re (825x550)
fall baby
DSC_0191re (533x800)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still Sick, Help!

My poor little man is still sick, he has just been miserable these past few days, and I thought things were getting better. He has cough, congestion, vomiting due to crazy mucus, fever, really swollen gums (I think he's going to pop a tooth/teeth anytime now), and he has this weird sore under his tongue, looks really painful.

1118120933re (400x400)

  Needless to say this mama has not been getting much sleep, can ya tell?

The photos below were taken earlier last week when I thought he was getting better.  

DSC_0599re (825x550)

DSC_0596re (533x800)
A face only a mama could love!

Monday, November 12, 2012

We've Been Sick

I've been a little MIA recently, me and the littles have been fighting bad colds and croup.  This past week can be summed up in cough, mucus, snot everywhere, little sleep, sore throats (which I really hate) and a few nights of croup, which is pretty scary if you've never experienced it before, which I hadn't until now.  Watching your babies struggle to breathe while sitting in a steamed up bathroom late at night makes a mama feel pretty helpless.  

Thankfully, I think the worst is behind us, but we still have some pretty bad coughs.  The poor babe is still on the mend, nursing with a stuffed up nose and mucus is pretty rough.

DSC_0015re (825x550)
Look at those big beautiful eyes, gorgeous.  This photo is before the snot attack.  I could post a photo of the snot face, and I just might later, but haven't really had time to pick up the camera.

DSC_0344re (533x800)
My girl helping me make bread.  Yes, we've been making bread around here, well, had been, until the flu bug hit.  Isn't she just adorable.

DSC_0301re (825x550)
The new teeth, Isaac's been pretty stubborn about showing them off.  

DSC_0571re (825x550)
Tea with honey, a must for me right now.  I still have my morning joe, but then transition to tea later in the day.

Now to catch up on housework, emails, and my photography, busy week!