Thursday, September 27, 2012

We're on Facebook

DSC_0206re (825x550)
Hey, we're on Facebook now!

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So if you think that this is a face only a mother could love, go "like" us. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quarterly Top 5

These past few months have been busy. We moved to the farm, I was still dealing with a new baby and trying to get settled and unpack boxes.  Little sleep and lots of coffee.  

So that means I didn't take a lot of photos, I just wasn't feeling it, if that makes sense.  I sort of regret it now, but what can you do.  I did take some though, here are my top 5 from the past few months...
DSC_0531re (825x548)
First 4th of July for Isaac.  The local fireworks were canceled this year in Wisconsin due to the drought but we still dressed up.

DSC_0950re (825x550)
This photo of the two of them just melts my heart, I really need to get this printed...and framed.

DSC_0585re (825x550) copy
Cute face!

DSC_0123re (825x550)
Spending time with Daddy, he's just way cooler than Mommy.  Even though I'm the one who birthed him, feeds him, changes him...

DSC_0165re (825x550)
Smiley girl!  Poor Lucy...I've realized that I haven't taken as many photos of her these past few months.  I need to work on getting more shots of just her.


DSC_0145re (399x600)
And one more of me and the babe.

Sittin' Pretty

Look who's sitting up now!

DSC_0195 (531x800)
DSC_0196 (531x800)
DSC_0199 (825x548)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Life Lately

DSC_0145re (399x600)
PicMonkey Collage
(Trying to get a photo with my squirmy boy, he had other ideas)

DSC_0165re (825x550)

DSC_0162 (825x550)

DSC_0142re (825x550)

DSC_0123re (825x550)

DSC_0114re (550x825)

Life lately has been busy, still relying strongly on my coffee to keep me going.  Isaac wakes up about 2-3 times a night to feed, but I guess that it's a good thing because it is keeping my milk supply...existent?  I don't have a good milk supply, and I get so jealous/upset at women who complain of having too much milk. And I've been feeding him solids 3x a day, I can't keep up with this hungry boy.  Baby boys sure are different than girls.   

My little apartment is such a mess right now, and it's mostly my fault because I'm so lazy.  For example, me and Lucy are still in our jammies and it's almost noon.  Isaac would be in his pajamas too if he didn't poop through his sleeper outfit this morning.  I would just rather be doing...well...almost anything else than cleaning and laundry, like blogging or napping (I love sleeping).  But I am not going to decorate for fall until it's clean around here, so hopefully that will motivate me?  Probably not.

I got my haircut too recently, don't know if you can tell from the photos.  I suppose I need to take a decent looking selfie, maybe with my kids this weekend if the weather is nice and not too cold.

Enough rambling...later. 


Friday, September 14, 2012

A Flashback...Same Dress

Lucy and me

Me on the right a little more than 20 years ago, my daughter Lucy on the left. That dress was a hand-me-down from my older cousins when I wore it, must be almost 40 years old now.

 Yeah, I think Lucy definitely looks more like my husband.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

DSC_0107re (825x550)
 One of the views outside my window, one of the reasons I like living out in the country now.

starts with the letter D...for drool
DSC_0075re (825x548)

upside down
DSC_0608re (825x550)

DSC_0536re (825x548)

DSC_0950re (825x550)
Soft baby holding a soft teddy bear, this photo turned out real cute.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Teething Baby

Sometimes I get this...

DSC_0577re (825x548)

And every once in awhile I'll get this...

DSC_0585re (825x550) copy

But most times it feels like I get this...

DSC_0605 copy (825x548) copy

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

I'm Back

Wow, it has been a couple of months since I've posted, just keeping myself busy with all the regular mommy stuff. We have high-speed internet again! That means I'll be able to update more often now, I'm pretty excited.

DSC_0949re (825x550)

A sort of recent photo of my babies, they're getting big. Isaac will be 5 months tomorrow, hard to believe but then again not so much. His teething screaming fits as well I want to crawl and run but can't screaming fits make me want to pull my hair out sometimes, but then he smiles and my heart melts.

Lucy is such a great big sister, those two have quite a bond already. Isaac pulls her hair while she smothers him with hugs and kisses, it's cute to watch.  

Well, Isaac is later.