Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday Pics


This photo was taken a couple days ago when winds were 30-50 mph.  These poor leaves look like they are about to snap off, they probably even did a few minutes later.  

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Two Moms Made a Photo Challenge:  Composition

My Baby's Birthday

My girl, my little baby girl, I cannot believe that you are going to be 2-years-old the day after Halloween, November 1st  All Saints Day (a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church, a very special day).  In this picture you are not even a day old.  Your daddy took this picture with his camera phone so he could show his friends and family after Mass on Sunday, because we weren't going anywhere, we both had been through quite enough in the past 24 hours.

Your daddy and I were talking last night and we decided that you are not allowed to get any bigger.  I don't think you were even listening, too busy playing or pushing your baby dolls around in the stroller.  We love you Lucy, you will always be my baby!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Colors


I just love fall this year! 



Fall has so many amazing colors!

Soon fall will be over, and then I will be sad and depressed because there is only about 8 hours or so (I think even less) of sunlight in the wintertime (for me anyway), which is not a lot of time for taking pictures in natural light.  I'm getting sad just thinking about it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windy Day

There was a heavy wind warning for southern Wisconsin today (I think there was even a tornado, somewhere), and all I thought was, "Yay! Time to go out and take some pictures!"  I don't think my daughter was all too thrilled at first but then she got a little excited too.  You can see in the shot her eyes starting to water with the heavy winds so we couldn't stay out for long, just long enough for a few shots (like around 50, and don't worry, I take pictures fast, you have to with a 2-year-old).  Post more shots tomorrow!

Simplicity Photography Challenge:  Portrait

Edited version

SOOC (straight out of camera)

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Show and Tell Photo Challenge:  View from Above
This is pretty much my view from above most of the time it seems, she just leeches on to me.  It's cute, but really kind of annoying as well.  I just have to tell myself that soon she will be a teenager and won't want anything to do with me, then the clinging is okay.

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Bath Time Collage

Shutter Love Tuesdays theme this week is "Collage".  Last Saturday night I gave my girl her first bubble bath (because most of the time it's get her in, get her out, go to bed) and she had so much fun, and so did I.  I also was able to take some really cute pictures of her bath time, and I realized the last time I did that was when she was still bathing in the sink.  Sorry girl, but life just gets crazy sometimes.  Enjoy my little bath collage, I know I did!


Monday, October 25, 2010


I submitted this photo for Paper Mama Photo Challenge a few weeks ago but I thought this photo would also work nicely for I Heart Faces Photo Challenge "Pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is here again!  This week was a little easier than last week.  There is kind of a black and white theme for this week which really happened by accident.  The night and day shots are in their true color (warmed them up a bit) but look black and white, just letting you know.

1)  The 5 Senses:  My daughter taking one of her first bubble baths.
Smell ~ The bubbles smelled of chocolate-covered strawberries, mmmm!
Touch ~ My daughter loved the touch/feel of the bubbles in her hands.
Sight ~ She got so excited when she saw bubbles in the bathtub!
Sound ~ The sounds of my daughter squealing and splashing in the water trying to get all the bubbles.
Taste ~ Yes, my daughter was even trying to taste the bubbles. 


2)  Child or Children:  My one and only child taking her bath.  She sure looks like trouble!

3)  Dining:  Forgot to take a new picture for dining, but here's a picture of one of my coffee mugs, gotta love coffee!

4)  Night:  The clouds were looking pretty Halloweenish.  I  do need more practice with taking night shots (and a tripod).

5)  Day:  A rainy and gloomy day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black and White

Paper Mama Photo Challenge:  Black & White


The Paper Mama

Bath Time Photo Challenge

 I have a couple more bath photos to share tomorrow!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday

Friday is here again!  For this flashback, I'm picking a picture of me and my future husband about 5 years ago at a wedding.  Gosh we look young!  I really want to go out on a weekend again.  Babysitters are no problem, we have Grandma and tons of family that have offered, but my husband works every weekend night and it's kind of hard for him to ask off.  Here's to hoping for another date night soon, and not at the local bar in town!  I'm thinking going downtown might be nice for a change, but my adventurous husband (note sarcasm) will probably not be up for it.

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