Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday is here again!  This week was a little easier than last week.  There is kind of a black and white theme for this week which really happened by accident.  The night and day shots are in their true color (warmed them up a bit) but look black and white, just letting you know.

1)  The 5 Senses:  My daughter taking one of her first bubble baths.
Smell ~ The bubbles smelled of chocolate-covered strawberries, mmmm!
Touch ~ My daughter loved the touch/feel of the bubbles in her hands.
Sight ~ She got so excited when she saw bubbles in the bathtub!
Sound ~ The sounds of my daughter squealing and splashing in the water trying to get all the bubbles.
Taste ~ Yes, my daughter was even trying to taste the bubbles. 


2)  Child or Children:  My one and only child taking her bath.  She sure looks like trouble!

3)  Dining:  Forgot to take a new picture for dining, but here's a picture of one of my coffee mugs, gotta love coffee!

4)  Night:  The clouds were looking pretty Halloweenish.  I  do need more practice with taking night shots (and a tripod).

5)  Day:  A rainy and gloomy day.


  1. Your daughter definitely has that impish look. So cute. Definitely a spooky night shot. Love it though. Great interpretation of the 5 senses. I actually thought this week was going to be harder, then it wasn't so bad.

  2. Wow, all of your shots are wonderful! I love the "sky" shot the tree adds so much to that photo. Great captures

  3. I LOVE your day picture - LOVE it!!! And your night looks like what I was trying to get, but yours is much better!!

  4. This whole series is just wonderful. I love the 5 senses shot...and then your sky shot is incredible. Great work this week!

  5. Whoops, meant "sky" instead of "day", thanks for all the great comments.

  6. I love the picture of your mug, so simple yet it really caught my eye!

  7. I did my little one in a bath too for the 5 senses...Great minds think alike! Love the dining "coffee" one! Great!

  8. Those are great! Love the bubbles :) Great tree too!