Monday, September 24, 2012

Life Lately

DSC_0145re (399x600)
PicMonkey Collage
(Trying to get a photo with my squirmy boy, he had other ideas)

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DSC_0162 (825x550)

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Life lately has been busy, still relying strongly on my coffee to keep me going.  Isaac wakes up about 2-3 times a night to feed, but I guess that it's a good thing because it is keeping my milk supply...existent?  I don't have a good milk supply, and I get so jealous/upset at women who complain of having too much milk. And I've been feeding him solids 3x a day, I can't keep up with this hungry boy.  Baby boys sure are different than girls.   

My little apartment is such a mess right now, and it's mostly my fault because I'm so lazy.  For example, me and Lucy are still in our jammies and it's almost noon.  Isaac would be in his pajamas too if he didn't poop through his sleeper outfit this morning.  I would just rather be doing...well...almost anything else than cleaning and laundry, like blogging or napping (I love sleeping).  But I am not going to decorate for fall until it's clean around here, so hopefully that will motivate me?  Probably not.

I got my haircut too recently, don't know if you can tell from the photos.  I suppose I need to take a decent looking selfie, maybe with my kids this weekend if the weather is nice and not too cold.

Enough rambling...later. 



  1. He's adorable! Haven't been able to blog hop in a LONG time, but he is sure growing up fast! Love that shot of him on the couch! I was right there with you with little milk supply. I know how you feel completely. It's frustrating. I had to supplement. Honestly, I stressed about it so much that may have been 1/2 of the issue. Anyhoo looks like he's a happy baby! :)

  2. Isaac is a busy body. He's growing!

    I don't mind cleaning.... It's putting laundry away that I dread. JUST D R E A D!!!!!!!! UGH.

    Yeah, I see your hair cut. :) And yes, selfie please.

  3. Oh wow! They are both so big and beautiful! Love your babies!

  4. Wow, the kids are growing up so fast! I hear you on the not cleaning! I'm hoping to tackle that task this week so I can decorate for fall on the 1st. :-) Smart minds...

  5. Kids usually have other intentions...mine is either grabbing my hair, necklace or glasses any chance he gets!

  6. love love love these photos!! Thanks for linking up with Love Bug's Photo Show Off!

  7. I know the feeling. I can't be bothered to clean the house either, I'd rather sleep.