Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Walk Part Two

The walk for coffee yesterday with my husband and my daughter Lucy turned into sort of a photowalk.  I really tried to shoot outside my comfort zone and I think I captured some interesting shots.

Macro of a wild daisy and a bee.  And the bee is actually in focus, that is a first for me!  I'm pretty proud of myself.

I was a little scared to take this shot, being illegal and all to be on the tracks, but I knew if I didn't I would be kicking myself for it later.  So glad I did.
{A Photo} Challenge

Love the character of older buildings on Main Street.

Abandoned building with a cool blue door and vintage knob.  I was going to have Lucy stand in front of it but Chuck said that there was burn grass or something there.  I want to get a pic of somebody in front of that door someday though.

Lucy looking pretty tuckered out, but she's a trooper.

Picnik collage
On the way home we found this cute little kitty on a leash outside, which I thought was a great idea, no cat roadkill.  My daughter just loves cats, don't know if the cat was as thrilled as she was though.  The owner came outside and asked for copies of the pictures of Shadow (cat's name) and Lucy, she said they looked so cute together.  I hope she likes them.
Letter "C" for Cat and my husband Chuck

and then, she {snapped} Live and Love...Out Loud Wordish Wednesday The Paper Mama


  1. lovely captures. :) Especially love the building and the door. The tracks are great too. ;)

  2. Beautiful photos. I love that blue door!

  3. You got some really cool shots on this walk - love the railroad track one!

  4. great shots! I LOVE the black and white building with the vines! And the blue door shot! and the railroad shot! They are all great :)

  5. Lovely blog, really creative and perfect shots.. Found ya on andthen-shesnapped wordless wednesday hop..Officially following ya..Hope you can stop by sometime :)) Marilyn from (I also have a fun photo challenge going on if you'd like to join in - it's "People" for a capture.. Please check it out if you'd like.. Thanks again. ;))

  6. Love your perspective in so many of the shots! I think the first one is my favorite!

  7. WELL DONE! Each one just grabs me & holds me there. I just love that adorable expression on her face!

  8. This walk was pretty amazing! :) I need to do that and try to see what I don't normally see. ~ Love the door and the wall. And, just as a side note, when I was in college I was actually stopped by a cop for walking on tracks. Oops.

  9. great shots! and yeah for an in focus bee!

  10. What a fun walk! I especially love the leggings, and the bee picture.

  11. LOVE the train track shot!! awesome!! :)

  12. Cannot pick a favorite one, love them all.

  13. These are great shots, love the blue door, and your daughter with the kitties!

  14. Great photos ♥ I especially love the daisy! Found you from {A Photo} Challenge

  15. lovely photos! oh your cat is so gorgeous!!! i also like the first b&w photo! so cute

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