Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Favorite from December


Christmas was special this year, a very wonderful Christmas indeed.  The birth of our Lord is always special, but this year was extra special.  Thank you Baby Jesus for all the blessings you have given our family, please continue taking care of us. 

Lucy got her fair share of presents, and I saved up my daycare work money and bought my husband an official Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers jersey.  I missed the boat on the Brett Favre jersey a few years back and I'm glad I did, he probably wouldn't be wearing it now.  I hope Rodgers will be a Packer for awhile yet, jerseys aren't cheap.  But I haven't bought the hubs any presents (birthday or Christmas) for years, so it was about time.

I've been pretty tired lately (being almost 25 preggo doesn't seem to be helping the situation any) so here is repost of a photo of Lucy.  I love everything about this picture, even the bits of "baby" drool coming out of her mouth.  I think she was so excited to play in the snow she was forgetting to swallow.  Kids.

Pretty much no snow on the ground now, much to Lucy's dismay.  She asked me if we could go sledding today.  She thinks it's never going to snow again, but I assured her that we live in Wisconsin, we still have 3 whole months left for snow, probably 3 1/2 - 4 months (I'm liking the no snow thing, can't ya tell).   Maybe I'll have more energy for editing and posting more pics later, but now time for everybody's nap (yes, mama and baby too).

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  1. love that shot!

    you're right! we didn't have any snow either and it's just so weird for mn & wi!! it's a love-hate situation.

  2. What a great shot! Such a sweet expression! Love your baby bump shot in your banner as well. :-) Have a great week!

  3. I love that picture too!! I also love your new header shot, you look gorgeous!! Have a great New Year!! So much to look forward too!!! Enjoy!!

  4. I still love this picture of Lucy...and your header picture. You look beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful photo of your sweet Lucy! My almost 5 year old daughter has never seen snow since we live in Florida. I'm sure she would love it though.

  6. Gorgeous photo! Sorry to hear you're feeling tired, but hope your pregnancy is going well otherwise. :)

  7. Great shot. What a wonderful new header. :) Make sure you join us for the top 11 of 11.