Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've been doing this now for 15 weeks, that's a long time.  I've only lost a little over 10 lbs, but that's okay, I'm going for long-lasting results here, not just temporary solutions.  

This week I really tried to focus on working out every day, and the only time I could do that was during my daughter's nap time, working out at night is real hard for me.  I didn't do my workout yet today so I'm going to have to do it when my girl goes to bed but that's my own fault.  I think another thing that has motivated me to get to the gym more is my eating habits.  This week has had ups and downs in the food department.  It's either I do great with eating healthy and bad with exercise or the other way around, why can't I find that healthy balance?

Height and Weight:  5'6 and approximately 126 lbs, didn't lose any weight this week (down -11 lbs since started).

Fitness:   I want to go to the gym at least 3x a week and then work out at home 2-3x, because my husband's work schedule.  Made it to the gym 3x but only did Jillian Michael's DVD once.  I think I need to do more circuit training, I'm still pretty flabby.

Food:  Food choices and portions are good in the morning and afternoon, fruit or bran cereal for breakfast, and a salad or veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch.  But night rolls around and I'm starving, so I overeat, it's a vicious cycle.  
 I've been craving salty foods like crazy, gave into my craving a few times.  So weird for me, I normally crave sweet if anything, is that normal to be craving salty food?  Water intake was great, at least 8 glasses a day, sometimes more.  I'm also a little constipated, can't figure out why.  I drink plenty of water, eat fruit, veggies, whole grain?  I bought activia yogurt and peaches (don't really like them but I hear they help the problem), I'm desperate.  Any thoughts?

Failures and Slip-ups:  Need to work on portion control and healthy choices for dinner,  did okay with exercise this week, but I think I need to do more circuit training and ab work.

Weekly Challenge Wisdom and Advice:  We are not competing against anyone in our weight loss/healthy journey.  We all lose weight in our own time, we just have to remember not to give up.  I wanted to be at my goal weight by the end of this month, not gonna happen.  So instead of looking at myself as a failure, I just readjusted my goal line, success will come eventually as long as we keep trying.

Self-portait:  Collaboration photo (no pic, crazy week)



  1. I might be able to shed some light on your constipation problem. What helps you be regular is fiber ( beans, whole grains, veggies fruits), however your diet didn't have a lot of fiber and you suddenly started eating healthy (hence more fiber), you will experience constipation, bloating, gas. You just need to give it more time for your body to adjust to your new high fiber intake. Or you can lower your fiber intake, but that would mean eating less healthy, which I wouldn't want you to do.
    Btw, a little tidbit: once you have been eating really healthy for a while ( especially if you're eating vegetarian), your bowel movements speed up to twice or three times a day without a single issue. I guess we're supposed to go after each meals, but the amount of bad processed foods and emats in our diets delay that process. Once I became a vegetarian and started eating really healthy, it took a few months, but my bowel movements are like clockwork twice a day, so are my hubby's.
    Sorry, it's kind of a gross subject, but you asked :) lol

  2. I went through that post baby. Miralax or Benefiber are quick fixes...but I have found that eating a medium sized pear or cucumber (unpeeled) have tons of fiber in them and lots of water too. The fiber is found in the flesh. My Mom recommends oranges...the white fleshy part is where it is at. Good luck and I hope you reach your goal weight.