Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quarterly Top 5

These past few months have been busy. We moved to the farm, I was still dealing with a new baby and trying to get settled and unpack boxes.  Little sleep and lots of coffee.  

So that means I didn't take a lot of photos, I just wasn't feeling it, if that makes sense.  I sort of regret it now, but what can you do.  I did take some though, here are my top 5 from the past few months...
DSC_0531re (825x548)
First 4th of July for Isaac.  The local fireworks were canceled this year in Wisconsin due to the drought but we still dressed up.

DSC_0950re (825x550)
This photo of the two of them just melts my heart, I really need to get this printed...and framed.

DSC_0585re (825x550) copy
Cute face!

DSC_0123re (825x550)
Spending time with Daddy, he's just way cooler than Mommy.  Even though I'm the one who birthed him, feeds him, changes him...

DSC_0165re (825x550)
Smiley girl!  Poor Lucy...I've realized that I haven't taken as many photos of her these past few months.  I need to work on getting more shots of just her.


DSC_0145re (399x600)
And one more of me and the babe.


  1. i know. . . i have been busy and haven't had much time w/ my camera, too. :(

    just can't get over that CUTE FACE photo!

  2. These photos are beyond gorgeous! Even if you didn't take a ton, you took some winners!

  3. nothing better than a new baby to keep you busy!

  4. Your family is so beautiful - love the shot of your son and daughter together.

  5. I love seeing such happy faces!!!

  6. These are AMAZINGLY adorable! Great set-

  7. Great shots! I love that first one!! Adorable!

  8. All great shots! I especially love the second one ;)