Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cooped Up With the Littles

Getting a little cooped up in here because it has been so cold out and it feels like it's getting even colder.  I miss my daily walks with the kids.  If I don't get sun and fresh air, I feel like...lethargic.  Here's is how we have been spending our mornings lately.

DSC_1005re (800x531)
"Sooo big!"  Look at that tongue, love it.

DSC_0994re (800x531)
This face looks kinda like the gerber baby.

DSC_1009re (800x531)
Beautiful eyes and squishy cheeks...be still my heart (ignore the baby drool).

DSC_1017re (800x531)
"I'm bored, now what?"

"Let's pull on Lucy's hair!"
DSC_0997re (640x960)
DSC_0998re (640x960)
DSC_1000re (640x960)
Lucy's a trooper, and she usually doesn't mind as long as Isaac doesn't pull too hard.

DSC_1061re (800x533)
This photo is slightly out of focus, but it is such a sweet moment...I love my littles.

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  1. the pulling of the hair... i had to laugh. but that is so sweet of her, she doesn't fight back. i know of many kids that would do something back.. she's such a sweet sister.

    the drool... it's so cute though!

    and yes, it has been SOOOO cold. i can't stand it. winter needs to move on....

  2. Those two are so sweet together!
    And, the little dribble of drool is adorable.

  3. He is getting so big! His eyes are so gorgeous!

  4. His eyes are gorgeous!!
    And I was wondering what your daughters face would be in the picture following him pulling her hair. how sweet that she is so patient!!! that last one is a heart-melter!

  5. Gorgeous photos and those catch lights! *swoon*