Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crabby Baby and Tired Mama

This week has been crazy, me and the kids have been sick with colds and it has been really cold outside so we haven't been able to go on any walks.

 And my son is teething...again.  Seriously child, how many more teeth do you need?

cold + teething = crabby baby and tired mama.

DSC_1086re (800x531)
Isaac (800x373)
DSC_1084re (800x533)

Yeah, this face pretty much sums it up. Is it spring yet?

Nurture Photography - Winter 2013 Photo Challenge


  1. Ugh. We're teething too. I asked my pediatrician when this madness ends. Her reply, "When they all come in." Not cool, dr. Not cool.
    Here's to hoping things ease up a bit, and the weather cooperates for you!

  2. Aw hope the little one gets a break real soon :( have you tried amber anklets? There's necklaces too but I'm more fearful of leaving them on little ones a natural way to help worth a try hey!?x

  3. I know it's wrong but CUTE! Kids can be so cute when they cry, when you know they aren't yours.

  4. I've seen that face in the bottom pic lately too!....Mace has three bottom teeth already, and his top two are thisclose to coming thru....gums are so swollen, I know they must be aching!

  5. okay, so who couldn't love these... poor little guy. hope he is feeling better.

  6. Still so ridiculously cute, even mid scream! Haha! And my youngest is working on some teeth, so I feel like that last shot looks like my life right about now, too. Hope he feels better soon!

  7. Hi Anne, such a sweet picture of your teething little cutie ... oh it's hard times ~ almost impossible to sooth, other than be there and hold on. I remember cold cucumber helped a bit, I also put the toothbrush in the refrigerator for at cool it down a bit, my younger son found it s bit soothing to have something cold against his gums. Hope the tooth breaks through soon!