Sunday, January 02, 2011

My Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2010

1)  Just Me!  
I am probably most proud of how far I've come with photography, but I know I still have a long way to go.

2)  I Love You 
Daddy and daughter sharing a kiss, I love you both (and love those curls).

3)  Still Laughing
I think she was trying to be dramatic and silly by making faces at her uncle, and those pictures still crack me up, her face is priceless!

4)  Winter Wonderland
A view from outside my apartment after the blizzard we had earlier in December.

5)  Birthday
My girl's second birthday party, Lucy and her little cousins got to wear princess crowns.  Great memories, I can't believe she's two!

6)  Friends
Getting together for our friend Justin's 29th birthday (photo taken by random waitress).

Lucy Pics 036
7)  I was Inspired...
I was definitely inspired by this picture I took earlier this year.  It was taken with my sis-in-law's point-and-shoot camera and I was able to capture her laughing at the wind blowing on her face (she just loved the wind then) while holding her bear. This picture inspired me to not just take pictures because I had to, but because I wanted to.  My photography journey started here.

8)  Spring Fever
       Daisies definitely say spring is here.

9)  Travel or Vacation
We didn't vacation anywhere really, just whenever we have a couple days off we go and visit my family about a two hour drive away.  I wish we lived closer, they just enjoy Lucy so much.

10)  Summer Days
During this past summer me and my husband would just sit outside our apartment and watch our daughter explore her little world outside.  Here she's waving at the cars as they drive by, too cute.

11)  A Day In My Life 
I guess my daughter thought monkey needed coffee too that morning.

DSC_0508 re
12.  All Smiles
Lucy was definitely all smiles during this little photo shoot outside.

13.  Autumn Harvest
I don't have any pictures of harvest pumpkins but I took lots of pictures of  fall leaves this year and here's one of them.

14)  Family
A picture of my little family.  In 2011 I'll definitely have to work on getting a family picture together including myself.

15)  Celebrate!
Celebrating our friend Justin's birthday with a drink.

16)  Let's Do It Again...
I definitely want to practice doing more silhouette shots this summer.

Lucy Pics 024
17.  I Miss You
You started the year 2010 as a baby and ended it as a little girl.  In this picture you had just learned how to walk by yourself and this was your first time walking outside.  You did not like the grass and preferred walking on the sidewalk (which made mommy very nervous).  I miss you baby girl!

18)  Beautiful
Your eyes in this shot are just beautiful, and so is your chubby little face.

19.  Dress Up
Lucy as a bumblebee and Uncle Steve as Indiana Jones.

20)  Favorite Macro
This is my favorite macro shot, the last red leaf.

21)  Holidays
Attempting to do candy cane heart bokeh with my parent's Christmas lights on their tree.  Can you tell I'm a fan of multi-colored lights?

22)  My Favorite
I'm sorry, I know you have all seen this image way too much but it is still my favorite right now.

23)  Don't Ever Change
You are very loving and sweet right now and I don't want that ever to change.





24)  Just Because...So There!!

25)  Hopes and Dreams
I hope to gain more knowledge in photography. 

I dream of maybe purchasing:
-Some sort of Photoshop program and learning how to use it.
-A tripod.
-A better lens (not sure what kind, I welcome suggestions).

I hope that my Faith grows stronger and that this year I pray more and do more spiritual reading.

I hope and pray that my family stays healthy, that my husband always has a job, that we always have a place to live (preferably not another small apartment) and that we always have enough money for the things we need.

I hope that this year I gain 25-30 lbs and then lose it all right away, and then some (translation:  we are praying for another little one if it's God's will).

Thank you Ashley for hosting Memories, Dreams and Reflections.  It was a great excuse to look back and reminisce and I can't wait to see everybody else's memories, dreams, and reflections!


  1. This entire post was incredible - and your favorite...well I love that shot too. Please tell me that you've got that one printed! I hope you all the best in 2011 - maybe we'll both be pregnant this year.

  2. I'm with Ashley loved this post! My favorite is the snow blowing shot and clothes pins!

    Blessings and praying with you for another little one!

  3. These are all amazing!! I love your macro! Praying for a new little one for you!

  4. What a fun journey through 2010. I loved Your Favorite photo when I viewed it last week and I still LOVE it. The daddy/daughter shot is so sweet.

  5. Great shots (and year)! Happy 2011!

  6. Very sweet. I love your favorite shot best too.

  7. Wow! For just getting inspired this year to learn to take photographs, you got an awesome collection already! I tried choosing some favorites, but most of your little girl, the daisies, and the (really!) clothes pin shots all fight for the top! :)

  8. So many sweet shots you've got there chica. Those daisies just say spring to me, too. Your favorite shot is gorgeous.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Great pictures!! I'm hoping to learn more about photography too!

  10. Oh my gosh, her curls, her curls, her curls!!! Love the monkey drinking coffee:) Great shots!

  11. These are fantastic shots of your sweet family!! And that monkey makes me laugh every time I see it!