Thursday, January 13, 2011

Timeout, Doorways, and a Cookie


Sitting in timeout by the doorway at the end of the hall.

The Red Barn (another doorway shot)


Stop taking pictures of me!


I have been snacking on cookies my sister brought over for us these past few days.  I took a bite out of this one yesterday and decided to finish it later.  This afternoon, I remembered the Simplicity photo challenge theme of food, and the uneaten cookie, and that I need to use natural light more, which adds up to take a picture of cookie by living room window.  I guess I was inspired by Faith's powdered doughnut picture when I took this shot because they look very similar.  You can check it out here as well as some other great food pics.


  1. Did she like you taking a picture of her being in time out? lol

  2. Awe, it breaks my heart when I have to put my oldest in time out....Even though it is much deserved. Great photos! I really love the barn!

  3. The first picture is sweet. I love the color of the barn. Great job!

  4. oh, I so LOVE the barn picture!

  5. Wow! What a great barn shot! Wonderful!

    And I love that you captured a moment of pouting/discipline. :) Fun memory!

  6. That first shot is so cute! I remember those days. And I love the barn. Great photos!

  7. We've had a lot of cookies around here this week, too!

    LOVE that barn.

  8. Awww that time out picture is so sweet and sad! Absolutely love the barn shot!

  9. LOVE your cookie shot - I do think it looks really similar to my doughnut shot but I love how yours captures the grain of the sugar.