Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.  Memories
My Grandma used to collect lucky elephant figurines, and when she passed away my mom let me have this one.  He always reminds me of my Grandma.

2.  Silhouettes
I was able to snap a shot of the passing school bus as my husband drove me to work that morning.  This one I had to get from the archives, it was taken about a month or two ago.

3.  Doorways
My girl walking by the doorways in the hall, well, my apartment version of a hall.  Looks like she's just floating on by.

Photography love...

4.  Reflection
 Just me fooling around in the bathroom snapping pics of my reflection in the mirror.  I like this tint, makes my hair look red, always wondered what I would look like with red hair. 

5.  Silver
The silver tube on my red lipstick.  Confession:  I sometimes wear red lipstick around the house for fun (makes me feel like a magazine model) but I'm too scared to wear it out in public.  Crazy, right?

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  1. These are really great - I especially like your last shot and it's not weird at all. I always feel like red lipstick makes my already big lips stick out too much but I still have a tube I'll wear from time to time.

  2. Love your silhouette! are so your lipstick confession, and I totally get it! :)

  3. I love your Doorway and Reflection shots. Lovely selfie (and processing)!
    You made me laugh with your last shot. :)

  4. Love the silhouette and doorway shots. Actually they're all great.

  5. That elephant is so cool! Your doorway shot is very neat too, she does look like she's very light on her feet!

  6. Love your reflection shot--cool processing. And your last photo made me smile!

  7. These are so gorgeous! Your doorway shot is too cute! xx

  8. Great interpretations! Love your take on silver...wear that lipstick out!! I totally get it to! I have 2 hats that I will probably not get the confidence to wear until next winter!!! :)

  9. Love these...especially reflection and silver!

  10. Your silhouette shot-really cool and I love the close-up of the lipstick. My Dad collects elephants as well...he says when the trunks are up it means good luck. I think the one you have of your grandmothers if a very pretty one.

  11. love them all but the first image almost looks like splashing water, very abstract, awesome!

  12. So many great shots but I LOVE the Silver shot. And no, not crazy. It is equally important to the ego to feel sexy in your own home. And I love red lips but feel self conscious having them in public in case I get some on my teeth - I unconsciously occasionally bite my lower lip...