Saturday, February 12, 2011

GET FIT and Selfie Saturday

Done with my first week and I feel pretty good.  I didn't eat as healthy as I should have, but I'll focus more on that next week.  This week for me was mostly focused on exercising, or at least making it to the gym.  I am proud to report that I went to the gym 5x this week 40-45 min. alternating treadmill and elliptical (I didn't push my self real hard, I wanted to make working out sort of enjoyable and wait until it becomes a habit before I work till it hurts).  My gut has even decreased a bit, which makes me very happy.

There is a little sad news (for me anyways).  I weighed myself at the gym and my starting weight was actually 137.4 lb. instead of 135 lb (yikes).  Made me very sad.  Now happy news, I lost almost 4 lbs. this week, yay!  It's a great start and good motivation.

1)  Weight and Height:  133.8 lb. and almost 5'6

2)  Fitness challenge this week:  Elena was saying pilates is a really great workout for your muscles in a short amount of time, I think I'll try to focus on that.  I have Netflix and I can watch and work out to the pilates DVD Elena was talking about instantly, awesome!

3)  Food challenge this week:  No soda and eat salad!  I'll keep it small. 

4)   How well did it go:  Exercising went great, healthy part not so much.  I had a soda almost everyday but yesterday, and that was the day my stomach went down a bit.  Might be something to this no soda thing ladies. 

5)  Failures:  Food failures, need to eat more fruit and veggies and drink more water.

6)  Weekly challenge wisdom and advice:  When you're angry, embrace it and use it.  My best workout this week was when I was a little ticked at the hubby for a stupid reason.  Working out also helped to clear my head a bit, so alls good.

7)  Self portrait:  Full-body shot

This was hard, I don't have a tripod or remote, so had to do it old school and use self timer and stack boxes and stuff to put my camera on.  All natural light was gone when I found time to do it too, but I was determined to get it done!  Couldn't decide between the two so I'm posting both.

42/365    DSC_0886re

I stacked more boxes for the first the one on the left so I like that one better, but I wanted a front on body shot too to post, just more motivation to keep going.  And I know my hands look awkward, oh well, practice makes perfect I guess.


  1. i'm so impressed you did this without a tri-pod or remote! I have both and I still had sooo much trouble! they're both adorable shots but I think I like the one on the right the best--you look sassy! :)

  2. I think you look beautiful too - not to have a remote or tripod, you look very relaxed. Nicely done.

  3. I am bad about drinking water... Big goal for me! Your photos are lovely and I like your advice about using anger :)

  4. You look beautiful. I think I might join in on all the fun. A little scared but it needs to be done! :)

  5. Great week to check in! Wonderful self portrait. If I start a workout or run when I'm angry or frustrated I almost always get over it by the end.

  6. Love your self portrait in Black & White. I think it's so classic :)

    I've found out that when I'm angry, I tend to push myself more during excersice. And I agree that it's a great steam outlet!

    I like your approach to make work out enjoyable & not a "chore" :)
    Good luck! I look forward to reading more :)

  7. Great job on the selfie, think you look great!

  8. You are a pretty girl. I, personally, don't think you look like you need to lose weight.

    Don't be too hard on yourself! Your photos came out great. :)

  9. your photos are wonderful!! Sounds like you had a great week!