Saturday, February 26, 2011

GET FIT and Selfie Saturday

So I fell off the bandwagon last week but I'm am back on and ready to work out.  I found some more workout dvds on Netflix, Self's Beach Body and Sleek and Trim (or something like that).  They're good, get your heart rate up,  and works out practically everything, I'm sore after doing it.  And I feel a little stronger, great feeling.  

Week 3

Height and Weight:  5'6 and 134.6 lbs (-3 lbs.)

Fitness Challenges for the Week:  Work out at least 5 days, alternating strength toning and cardio.

Food Challenges for the Week:  Eat more fruits and veggies, water, salads, and drink less soda.  I don't want to give it up because I find this makes me crave it even more, and then I'll have 4-5 sodas in 2 days.  Maybe a soda once a week won't kill me?

How Did it Go:  Alright, not great.  Didn't lose any weight, actually gained a pound since last check-in, but I feel a little stronger which is cool.  I think I just need to push myself harder.

Failures and Slip-Ups:   I've had good days, then a bad day, kind of struggling right now.  I am eating more fresh veggies though, which is good.

Weekly Challenge Wisdom:  (From my husband) Don't give up, keep on going (don't know if that's wisdom but it's all I could think of).

Advice:  Hop back on the bandwagon, we can do this!  Try a new workout, mix it up, it'll make it fun again.

Self Portrait:  

Couples Selfie ~ Missed last weeks check-in (whoops) so here's that one.  Used the car as a tripod and the hubs was not very willing to cooperate so I just got one shot, and I almost fell in the snow. 


Arms Length Selfie ~ I originally wanted to curl my hair and do full makeup, but when I got out of the shower yesterday morning and saw my wet hair, I thought it would be cool to do a more natural self portrait with wet hair and lite makeup. 

I did two edits, one in color and one in black and white, what do you think? 


DSC_0101re bw

(Entering black and white one for pastor's girl's ponderings photo challenge theme "self portrait")



  1. WOW! ( that's to the last black and white image, though I do love the color one)

    Your couple's selfie is so much fun, made me laugh!

    As far as your get fit challenge, we have all been there ( hell, look at my current week), we just need to get up, dust off and keep working out.
    Don't forget you won't lose weight if you're gaining muscle and not dieting extremely. So it might be due to you getting stronger.

    When it comes to soda and other vices, I found out that for me it works to give it up completely, because then I don't tease myself with "once in a while". If you're strong for long enough, the cravings stop and you stop caring about it completely.
    If you allow yourself one or two, it tends to turn into 3 or 4 when you're weak.
    Keep working girl! And again, great selfies!

  2. Your color shot is great, but I do love the b/w; your eyes really sparkle in it!

  3. way to get fit sista!!!!! love your editing skills!

  4. I love the B&W...but I'm really lovin that couples shot. :]

    Girllllll, look at you go!!! Strength and toning could be the reason why you gained a pound, muscle ways more than fat!!! So keep your head up!!! I think you look GREAT!

  5. Yeah - that black & white is stunning!!

  6. thanks for following! I like the color one better, it's more natural with nice tones. what to say? it's hard to push harder sometimes but it's worth! :) keep doing it (harder) :)

  7. Love both self portraits - your couples selfie reminds me of my husband because we had very little time and I'm glad we got one shot. You are gorgeous.

  8. I love the pics because looking at your face I see the same defiance I see in my daughters' faces and what I use to don when I was in my twenties!! Lovely!

  9. You an your hubby look so cute together! I love that he had the wisdom or your post!

    Its great to have husbands support LOL... i know I'm a lucky girl to have my hubby.

  10. I definitely love your black and white shot! Something about it! Great shots though...all of them!

  11. really great selfie! You did an amazing job with the lighting.

  12. you are doing great!! :) Great photos, too!

  13. Love the lighting in your self portrait - beautiful!

  14. Your selfie is gorgeous! I had a bad week this week because I was sick, but next week is a whole new week, right! =) Great job stepping it back up!

  15. Wonderful self portrait! We all have good and bad days but (your husband is right) the key is not giving up. Great check in this week!

  16. You guys are a cute couple!

    I should try some self portrait. My husbands d300s takes awesome pics, but I never use it...

  17. beautiful picture and great idea for the soda! That is a reasonable goal :)