Saturday, February 05, 2011

GET FIT Challenge

I decided that I'm going to participate in the GET FIT challenge hosted by {shutter} mama and the art of making a baby.  I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time but I keep making excuses for myself.  I'm too tired, it's too cold out to go to the gym, I can't do jumping jacks in my living room cuz I live in a 2nd story apartment and don't want to bother the people downstairs....the excuses are endless. I don't work out at all.

But I'm tired of feeling tired all the time.  I would love to NOT look 3-4 months pregnant (my baby is 2!), I would love for my clothes to fit me.  I want to be strong, confident.  I want to do a real push-up, I want to actually be able to run a whole mile.  A secret dream of mine is to be a runner and run in the Crazylegs Race, which is an 8k I think? But I'm scared of running on treadmills, I've fallen (been flown actually, kinda funny) off of two, slightly traumatized by that. 

Well, I'm starting now, no more excuses.  However, I really don't like working out and have no idea what exercises to do and how to do them and how many to do (see, queen of excuses still going strong here).  So here goes:

1.  Weight and Height:  135 lbs and about 5'6

2.  Fitness challenge for the week:  Go to the gym at least 3 times this week, even if I just hop on the elliptical for 15 min.  I need to get myself used to going to the gym.

3. Health challenge for the week:   Drink 8 glasses of water a day, no snacking in between meals, NO soda (hard one), no sweets, eat a salad everyday.  Don't really have to worry about meat, I don't really eat too much of it anyway because it's so expensive, but my weakness is dairy.  Cheese, butter, cream cheese, sour cream....  Is alcohol still allowed?  Probably no beer, makes my gut look like I'm 5 months preggo.

4.  How well did it go?  Haven't started yet, starting now.

5.  Failures and slip ups:  Haven't started.

6. & 7.  Weekly challenge wisdom and advice to other GET FIT members:  I don't think I should be giving any advice right now, I have no idea what I'm doing.

8.  Your self portrait, your dream self: I really need more practice on taking selfies, I just started turning the camera around so here's one I took a couple of months ago.


And here's one for motivation, my "dream self". This was taken on my 21st b-day 3 years ago, and I had no baby gut.


I'm really excited to get started, I really would like a workout buddy, but that's not gonna happen.  I'm hoping that logging in each week will keep me motivated.  My goal is to lose about 15 lbs and tone up, especially my abs, no more gut!


  1. Too bad you don't live closer - I need a workout buddy when hubby's not around. I love your selfie.

  2. YEAH!!! Welcome to the challenge!!! So glad to have you on board!! If you have any questions at ALL just feel free to ask!

    my email is

    facebook search:
    Sonya Marie Shirk


  3. Good luck. It is a whole retraining of the mind again. I have joined a similar challenge and am finding it hard to get the mindset. Hope this week is better :-)

  4. I have a baby gut as well :-/ And my baby is 2! I need to participate in this..but I do love your self portrait!

  5. I'm so excited that you're on board! Sonya and I will do everything we can to help you and women like you to get motivated and to find a perfect work out.
    Giving up alcohol helps , however it's not mandatory as long as you keep it down to one drink. The problem with alcohol is that it makes you want to eat more.
    Great goals and I can't wait to see how you do this week! We'll be expecting that full body shot!

  6. I have fallen off a treadmill, lol. ;-) If you need extra motivation you can email me and I will cheer you on there as well!

  7. Good luck on this! I'm kinda afraid to "officially" join in, just because I'm afraid of failure... so we'll see!

    I'm not one to go to the gym -- mostly because I have a dog and by the time I come home to walk her (in the summer up to 2mi) I'm too tired to want to go to a gym and work out more! And I figure who needs a gym with an over-active puppy like Storm! She's dying from boredom with all the traveling and not being able to run and play, and now I'm sick as sick can be and not wanting to run or play or walk either! Soon!