Friday, December 07, 2012

Love My Babies

DSC_0877re (825x550)
DSC_0898re (825x550)
DSC_0905re (825x550)

This is my life. Nothing special, just hanging out with my babies...with wet my yoga pants.

I love my babies.  Being a stay-at-home mom is hard, but I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  

However, I think my wardrobe definitely needs an update.  Maybe soon.

Happy 8 months today to my boy!


  1. I absolutely love that first picture his eyes are just perfect. There is nothing better then staying home with our babies. I can do a wardrobe update too.

  2. One of the most challenging and rewarding jobs - EVER - is being a full-time Mommy!
    My little man is nine months on the 23rd. Where does the time go?
    Stunning photos.
    Found/following you via a little blog hopping this afternoon.
    Would love you to swing by
    and follow back.