Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snowman with Attitude

The other day farmer took a break from doing farm chores to build a snowman with Lucy.  I saw them through the window, it was so sweet to watch.

DSC_1173re (533x800)

DSC_1177re (534x800)
Can you guess what Lucy's favorite color is?  I have no idea.

DSC_1179re (825x550)
When Bruce (the farm dog) got too close, Lucy threw a snowball right at him!  That would have been a good picture, but I had already put my camera away (sad face).  Dirty mangy mutt.

DSC_1183re (825x550)
Here's the finished product, unfortunately his arm broke off.  He looks kinda mad too.  Snowman with attitude.


  1. It looks beautiful by you with all that snow.

  2. All that snow!! Hoping to see a little of the white stuff when we head to Iowa for Christmas.