Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The W Family part 2

Here is the rest of The W Family session part 2 (click here to see part 1).

Since it's winter right now we couldn't do the whole session outside (and if you've ever been to Wisconsin in the wintertime, you know why).  But I was able to get some beautiful shots inside by the fireplace.

Oh, and aren't their babies just adorable!  I have some pretty cute nieces and nephews.

DSC_1042re2 (825x550)
DSC_1093re (825x550)
DSC_1138re (825x550)DSC_1101re (825x550)
DSC_1108re2 (825x550)
PicMonkey Collage

DSC_1159re (825x550)
We did decide to brave a few shots outside, I think the lighting in this one is so pretty.

Thank you for asking me to take your pictures, I had so much fun doing it!