Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Magic of Window Light

DSC_0033re (533x800)
DSC_0032re (825x550)
DSC_0025re2 (533x800)
DSC_0009re (825x550)
DSC_0013re (825x550)
DSC_0020re (825x550)

The last image of Lucy is my favorite, I love everything about it.  The side lighting on her face, the shadows, her eyes and her's really hard to capture a natural expression from my girl nowadays.  All I seem to get lately is a cheesy grin and some weird pose which usually includes her lying on the floor with one or both legs up in the air (not very lady-like).

I really like how this series of photos turned out, thanks to Jessica for inspiring me to do this.


  1. Simply beautiful!!
    P.S. I Christmas tagged you - you're it. :)
    Happy Weekend!

  2. I love the first and last, but they're all great! Glad I gave you a little inspiration for this!

  3. Beautiful! I love the last one too. (and the 3rd one) Such great captures!