Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday: My first Christmas with Santa


This is my first Christmas baby picture with Santa (cute baby in pink with the big ears) taken 24 years ago, circa 1986, with my 3 older siblings and 2 cousins. I crack a smile every time I see this picture, Santa's expression is just priceless! He couldn't be any happier, don't you agree?

I'm also entering this photo in Hi, Baby's Photo Challenge of Santa baby pictures. I don't think the pictures have to be taken this year? Oh well, I always like to try and be different anyways. Enjoy!

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  1. Fun! Yeah, Santa looks utterly thrilled, lol! xx

  2. i think there might be room for just one more! santa definitely looks like he needs a 15 minute break.

  3. that is so cool! my mom still makes us get our photos taken with santa ;)